Easy Fundraising for Non-Profits, Associations & Social Media Influencers

Fundraising Systems for Non-Profits, Associations and Social Media Influencers that Generate Ongoing Revenue

What to Do Now:

The only way to know for sure if our program can help you raise more money on a recurring basis at no cost to your organization is to schedule a 15-minute strategic fundraising conversation. If you decide that our program makes sense, we can schedule a 20-minute Zoom demo to drill down on the benefits and how the program generates recurring revenue on autopilot. If you decide to move ahead, we can onboard you in as few as five business days.

No-Cost Means Free!

That’s right. Free to your organization. No setup fees. No maintenance frees. We even give you free ideas on how the people you serve will get the most from our program, which has a free option as well. You make ongoing revenue when the people you serve upgrade to a low-cost paid option. The best (and only) way to learn how our program works is to schedule a 15-minute strategic fundraising conversation with me. This, too, is free, with no obligation.

After spending 15 minutes with me, you may find that you have everything you need to take your organization to the next level. Or you may find that you want more. If so, you can formalize your relationship with me and schedule a 20-minute Zoom demo to prove to yourself that my program will raise more money in less time and with less effort than you may have thought was possible.